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FAQ Firebelly

Question: Do your products really work?

Answer: Yes, they really do. All of our products are specifically designed to improve your soil AND to feed the grass. Because it is likely that the use of pesticides for aesthetic reasons will be made illegal in the near future better research and development in organics has increased vastly. All of our products work very well and you will be happy with the results.

Question: How are your products applied?

Answer: All of our products are applied by using a hose end sprayer. If your lawn is smaller than 12,000 square feet the products are shipped to you in a ready to use container with the sprayer attached to it. If your lawn is bigger than that we will provide you with a high quality hose end sprayer with the first shipment.

Question: Are your products liquid or granular?

Answer: All of our products are “organic liquid foliar concentrates.”

Question: Does it take longer for your products to work?

Answer: It does take a little bit longer but not a great deal longer. The reason chemical fertilizers that are applied by chemical lawn care companies work so quickly is because they are water-soluble and dissolve and leach immediately. The downside to this is that up to 60% of the product ends up “off target” and inevitably in ground and surface water.

Question: How do I control weeds and disease without chemicals? How about insects?


We offer an organic preventative weed control solution but you will find that if you adhere to proper cultural practices when it comes to mowing and watering weeds will become less of a problem. Also, as the pH of your soil becomes more in line with the way nature intended it you will see an environment much less hospitable for weed growth. A little tolerance is necessary too, what’s wrong with a few dandelions or patches of clover?

As for disease activity, you will immediately see a decrease in nuisance diseases, which are an immediate side effect of a sterile soil environment. Healthy soil creates healthy plants! We offer a surface insect control made from pressed Neem Oil and our solution for grubs and other sub surface insects are “Nematodes” which will control these pests without hurting earthworms and other beneficial insects. You will also find that as your soil improves and your turf becomes healthier the need for controls decreases significantly.

Question: Can our products be applied near bodies of water and will they contribute to algae blooms?

Answer: Yes they can be applied near bodies of water because they do not contain synthetic sources of nitrogen and phosphorus. They will not contribute to algae blooms because of this AND are chelated, meaning they are available to the plant immediately.

Question: Why should I switch?

Answer: You should switch to organic lawn care primarily because it works! When there is a healthy and effective alternative to a more dangerous method it just makes sense. If you are pregnant, have small children, pets or chemical sensitivities there is no reason to create a potential risk by using dangerous pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Question: Is it more expensive to use organics?

Answer: Compare our cost to a lawn care service or to buying all of the products individually. We think our program is very comparable to other lawn care options.

Question: What is so bad about chemical fertilizers?

Answer: We could write an entire book here but will focus on a few important issues. Chemical fertilizers pollute ground and surface water because they leach readily. Many have surmised that up to sixty percent of a chemical fertilizer application ends up off target. There is a “dead zone” the size of Rhode Island in the Gulf of Mexico that is legitimately caused by chemical fertilizers being carried by the Mississippi River. There is no aquatic life whatsoever in this area during certain times of year because algae blooms deplete oxygen. These algae blooms are caused by nitrogen runoff. Streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and bays are also affected and many governing bodies have begun to restrict the use of chemical fertilizers to combat algae blooms. Secondly, chemical fertilizers are a very short-term solution to having a nice lawn. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the more you use…the more you need. Chemical fertilizers sterilize the soil and actually create a chemical dependency for your lawn. When it comes to protecting the environment this is not a good thing.

Question: Do your products smell bad?

Answer: Most of our products are odorless but some of the biologically enhanced fertilizer does have an odor to it. It’s kind of earthy but the odor is not noticeable after the treatment has been applied.

Question: Should I bag or mulch my clippings? Will the clippings contribute to thatch?

Answer: If you can you should always mulch your clippings. Grass clippings hold tons of nutrients and moisture. They will not contribute to thatch. In fact, when you switch to organic products you will notice that the thatch layer in your turf will decrease significantly.

Question: How high should I mow?

Answer: Always mow as high as you can.

Question: Do I need to do a soil test every year?

Answer: We suggest doing a soil test every TWO years. The results will be effective for about that period of time.

Question: My lawn care company says that they are "organic based." What does that mean?

Answer: Well, it usually means that they are trying to make you think that they are safer than chemical lawn care companies. It’s unfortunate because it is false advertising and attempting to lead you to believe that they don’t use chemical fertilizers and dangerous pesticides. Many lawn care companies use “Bridge” products that contain chemical sources of nitrogen and phosphorus combined with reconstituted sewer sludge (Biosolids) and call it “organic based.” Most of the time these companies also continue to use pesticides freely and with no concern for reduction. The only way to know for sure is to ask your lawn care company, “If I hire you, or continue to use your service, will you be applying chemical fertilizers and pesticides on my lawn?” If the answer is yes, no matter what the explanation, you should then question the “organic based” claim. It’s unfortunate but they are usually saying that they are “Organic Based” because they don’t want you to know what they really are.