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Spring Weed Preventative

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Measurement Treats Price
1 Quart1 Qt$29.99
1 Gallon1 Gal$74.99
5 Gallon5 Gal$339.99
*55 Gallon55 Gal$2999.99

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What do you get when you treat traditional Corn Gluten Meal with the right blend of natural get Liquid Gluten! Liquid Gluten is a naturally derived product that provides you with all the benefits of Corn Gluten Meal in an easy to use liquid formulation. It is highly effective as a pre-emergent for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. Liquid Gluten contains high concentrations of di-peptides the active ingredient in Corn Gluten Meal that provide it with its pre-emergent properties! This natural formulation will help control crabgrass & weeds pre-emergently when used as directed!

1 Quart
Each one quart / 32 oz bottle will treat 1000 sq ft

Make sure Hose End Sprayer is in the off position & attach sprayer to any standard garden hose
Turn on water source, position yourself to spray, bend safety tab to the right, move spindle to the on position and product will begin dispensing.

Apply entire contents of bottle to 1,000 sq ft using a sweeping motion

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After researching the multitude of Organic companies out there, I have determined your organization has done their homework and is leading the Organic industry. I will tell you that Chem Lawn continues to try and lure me back with their own Organic program, but after researching I am very skeptical."

Mr Davidson
Bedford PA

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